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Brian Addis

Since 2002, I've dedicated my life to the financial services sector, starting with Reynolds & Reynolds. Those foundational years shaped my early understanding of the industry, but it was my six-year tenure at Edward Jones that truly transformed my perspective. Driven by an entrepreneurial spark, I decided to pave my own path and established Crossroads Investment Planning. For me, it wasn't just about setting up a business, but creating a close-knit family.

Every client I meet, every portfolio I manage, is deeply personal to me. They aren’t just clients; they're extensions of my family. This sentiment is influenced by the pride and love I hold for my three treasures: Bella, Hudson, and Sarah. Their presence in my life has instilled in me a determination to not merely provide financial advice but to genuinely shape promising futures.

To me, retirement planning is so much more than just crunching numbers. It's about life's journeys, the love of family, and building a brighter future. Through Crossroads Investment Planning, I am wholeheartedly committed to guiding my extended family—every client—towards a rewarding and secure retirement.