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Jean Rayle

Jean Rayle

Office Manager

Hi, I'm Jean Rayle, and for a quarter of a century, I've dedicated my career to the financial services sector. My professional journey has taken me through esteemed institutions such as Wright-Patt Credit Union, Piedmont, and US Air. Throughout these years, I've had the privilege of assisting countless individuals from a banking perspective. Now, as the office manager at Crossroads, I bring all that experience to ensure our operations run seamlessly and efficiently.

Outside of the professional sphere, I treasure the times spent with a close-knit group of friends. Together, we've journeyed through countless adventures, whether it's jet-setting to a new travel destination, engaging in spirited card games, hitting the bowling alleys, or immersing ourselves in the therapeutic world of gardening. These shared experiences have not only brought immense joy but have also strengthened our bonds over the years.

Family, though, holds a special place in my heart. Since 1968, Bill has been my rock, and together we've built a beautiful family. Our two wonderful adult sons, Jason and Nathan, have blessed us with three lovely grandchildren: Cameron, Chloe, and Macy. Their laughter, love, and endless energy are the source of my daily inspiration.

Recently, my passion has been directed towards a mission close to my heart—supporting Crossroads in amplifying their crucial message. I wholeheartedly believe in their goal of assisting baby boomers as they transition into retirement. With our team and dedication at Crossroads, I'm confident we can make a positive difference in many retirees' lives.