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Stephen Calvert

After working in various planning and management roles for over 35 years, I strongly believe that honesty, a strong work ethic, and careful planning are the three pillars of success in any career and life in general.

As a Financial Advisor, these three pillars are absolutely essential along with consistent, repeatable processes that can adapt to the changing needs of my clients throughout their lifetime. When I start working with a new client, I take the time necessary to understand their financial goals (short term, long term, and everything in between) so we can build a realistic plan to meet those goals. Establishing an agreed upon contact frequency is also important to help my clients stay on track and build a strong working relationship.

A wise person once told me that I should focus on the activities that I can control and have plans to manage through the unexpected. We can't control what the markets do on a daily basis, when a loved one dies, or when various life events happen - but we can have strategies and plans in place to effectively manage through life's Crossroads. I look forward to helping you with that.